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Du’aa after Wudoo
The Du’aa after making wudoo.

Not limiting the performance of tayammum to soil alone
You cannot limit the performance of tayammum to soil alone, for it is possible for a person to strike a wall once and the matter is over.

Passing hands over long hair whilst performing wudoo
A person must begin wiping their head from their forehead to the back where the hairline finishes at the back of the head.

Wiping the khimaar and turban replace wiping over the ears?
Does wiping over ones khimaar and turban replace wiping over the ears, due to their both being part of the head?

Let whoever eats meat perform ablution [wudoo]
The matter mentioned in the hadeeth is a recommendation except if [that which is eaten] is camel meat, since then it is obligatory.

Person forgets to say Allaah’s name when performing wudoo
What if a person forgets to say ‘Bismillaah,’ at start of wudoo?

Performing dry-ablution [tayammum] in prison
Is it allowed to perform tayammum on the walls?

Prisoners in solitary confinement performing dry-ablution [Tayammum]
Could prisoners perform dry-ablution [tayammum] using the walls?

Performing dry-ablution [tayammum] using a rock
Is it allowed to perform dry-ablution [tayammum] with a rock?

Praying after tayammum then water becomes available
A man is praying having performed dry-ablution [tayammum], and then during the prayer water becomes available, what should he do?

Performing ghusl while injured
If water is not put on an injured part, is ghusl repeated?

Praying and then remembering never had wudoo
If a man finishes praying and then remembers that he never had wudoo, does he repeat the prayer or not?

Angel spending night with you if sleeping with wudoo
There is no servant who spends the night in a state of purification except that an angel spends the night with him.

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