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Marriage is fardh and not just a Sunnah
“Marriage, I believe, is fardh (an obligation) and not just a Sunnah.”

It is best for a woman to pray in the mosque if there is a beneficial class or exhortation
It is best for her to pray in her house, unless there is a class or exhortation in the mosque from which the woman would benefit.

Guidelines on children’s clothes with pictures and on dolls
What is the ruling on clothing children with clothes which contains pictures of things which have souls if it is not possible to erase these pictures from them, because by erasing them (the pictures), the garment is spoiled?

Friday ghusl is not obligatory upon a woman
Is the Friday bath (ghusl) obligatory upon a woman?

Post-pubescent woman invalidates another woman’s prayer if she passes in front of her
Does a woman invalidate the prayer of another woman (if she passes in front of her)?

A woman is allowed to take public transportation or a taxi by herself given that . . .
What is the ruling on a woman riding with a driver or taking public transportation by herself?

Growing the beard is obligatory [waajib]
Is growing the beard obligatory?

Nails like an animal’s, beards under his armpits instead of his face
Five things are from the fitrah: trimming the moustache, plucking the armpit hair, shaving the pubic hair, cutting the nails and circumcision.

Shaykh’s Fatwaa concerning menstruating woman sitting in the mosque
So what does the pilgrim do? He enters the mosque, prays, performs tawaaf, sits, and reads the Qur’aan.

Woman who has to make up many fasts and Ramadhaan comes in
What should a woman do if she has to make up fasts from many years?

Giving the adhaan in the ear of a newborn child
Is the hadeeth about giving the adhaan in the ear of a newborn child established?

Ignorant students treading where Shaykh al-Albaanee wouldn’t go
The Shaykh asked about a father in the UK forcing his daughter to marry someone who doesn’t pray.

She married a Salafee then realised he was innovator
A woman married a man thinking he was upon the Sunnah; then she discovered that he was an innovator.

Taking children to the mosque
Is it allowed for the father to take his son to the mosque without the son having asked to go?

Polygyny for the sake of enjoyment?
What is the ruling on polygyny for the sake of enjoyment?

On marriage
If a suitor’s uprightness in his [day to day] life is not known before he proposes, you’re going to make it a condition that he prays and gives charity [after he’s married?]!

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