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Seeking refuge with Allaah before reciting Faatihah in each rak’ah
The validity of seeking refuge with Allaah in every rak’ah, saying, “A’uthubillaahi minash-Shaitaanir-Rajeem.

Saying Aameen in the Prayer
‘So say, ‘Aameen,’ Allaah will answer you,’.

Reciting Faatihah along with the Imaam
Does one recite al-Faatihah along with the Imaam in those prayers in which the recitation is audible?

Merit of filling gaps in rows for Prayer
Whoever fills a gap, Allaah will build a house for him in Paradise.

Reading Witr after Fajr
Someone who falls asleep or who forgets to pray Witr can pray it at the time he remembers it.

Giving salaam when entering the mosque
When entering a mosque is salaam just given to people around?

Taking children to the mosque
Is it allowed for the father to take his son to the mosque without the son having asked to go?

Giving reminders between Rak’ahs in Taraaweeh in Ramadhaan
Is it allowed to give reminders between Rak’ahs in Taraaweeh in Ramadhaan?

Preceding the Imaam with saying Ameen
It is upon the followers to wait until they hear the Imaam begin (his statement): Ameen, and then they say Ameen.

Mistake of prostrating before the Imaam
We would not prostrate until we saw that the Prophet had placed his forehead on the ground.

Dividing night prayer during last ten days of Ramadhaan
Is it allowed to split the Taraaweeh prayer into two?

Imaam leading the night prayer whilst reading from a Mus_haf
We must produce students who memorise the Qur’aan and recite it well, and who subsequently lead the people in prayer even if they are young children.

Holding the Mus_haf during Taraaweeh
On holding the Mus_haf during Taraaweeh, a mention of the narration of Aaishah and also on someone holding the Mus_haf behind the Imaam to correct him.

Permissibility of sending Salaah on Prophet in Qunoot but not extending it
On the permissibility of sending Salaah on the Prophet in the Du’aa al-Qunoot but the innovation of extending it beyond that.

Raising hands with takbeers of the ‘Eed and Janaazah prayers
Is it prescribed to raise one’s hands with the takbeers?

Amazing Du’aa after Fajr and Maghrib for protection from Shaitaan
An amazing Du’aa not to be missed after Fajr and Maghrib for protection from Shaitaan.

Only turning your head when giving salaam in prayer
Only turning your head when you give salaam in the prayer, not your shoulders and body.

People giving reminders after every four rak’ahs in Taraaweeh
We do not mix Taraaweeh prayer with anything to do with knowledge or teaching and so on.

The Night Prayer in Ramadhaan
An abridgement of Shaykh Albaanee's larger treatise Salaat at-Taraaweeh.

Salat ul Taraaweeh – Compilation
Series regarding the number of Rak'ah for Taraaweeh.

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