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Du’aa for the adhaan is also said after the iqaamah
Regarding the du’aa for the adhaan, is it also legislated for the iqaamah?

Giving the adhaan if you are praying by yourself
The adhaan is prescribed for the person who prays alone.

Are the prostrations for forgetfulness done before or after the salaam?
Should the prostrations for forgetfulness be done before or after the salaam?

Dhikr said between the two prostrations for forgetfulness
Is there a specific dhikr between the two prostrations for forgetfulness?

Eating or drinking with brother who doesn’t pray
I have a brother who doesn’t pray, is it allowed for me to eat and drink with him?

Replying to the salaam of someone who doesn’t pray
A person who doesn’t pray walks past you and says, ‘As-Salaamu ’alaikum,’ do you reply to his salaam?

Can’t make up missed prayer if preoccupied with business or amusement
A person can't make up a prayer if missed through play or commerce.

How to pray when the night is twenty hours long
In Leningrad for four months the night is about twenty hours, and the day is four hours long, and vice versa, so how is the prayer to be performed?

When does Ishaa time end?
Up until when is ishaa time?

The ‘Sunnah Prayers’ on Jumu’ah
As regards the Jumu’ah prayer, the mu’addhin gives the adhaan, then one prays the two rak’ah Sunnahs of Jumu’ah, is that allowed or not?

Praying Sunnahs and Iqaamah for fard prayer is called
The iqaamah for the fard prayer has been said, should you cut off your prayer or complete it?

Pulling someone closer to you in prayer if there is a gap
A brother is praying next to me but a bit distant from me, is it correct for me to pull him?

Praying and then remembering never had wudoo
If a man finishes praying and then remembers that he never had wudoo, does he repeat the prayer or not?

Prayer of a person whose garments are below his ankles
The ruling to say that the prayer is null and void requires a specific text stating that.

People walking in front in Haram when busy
What do you do when praying in the Haram?

When my sutrah goes what should I do?
In such a situation if it is possible for him to go towards a sutrah through a slight [amount of] movement he does so.

Praying in middle of mosque without sutrah
Praying in the middle of the mosque far away from a wall or pillar.

Where to place shoes when taking them off for prayer
When any of you prays, he should not place his sandals on his right side...

Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akbar
All of the takbeers of the prayer are like one another, there is no extending or prolonging them.

When are hands raised after having read tashahhud?
Does one raise one’s hands after the tashahhud when he intends to get up or after he actually gets up?

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