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Not legislated to raise hands for extra takbeers of ‘Eed and Janaazah prayers
For the ‘Eed and Janaazah prayers, is it legislated to raise the hands with the takbeers (besides the first one)?

Catching the Tashahhud of the Jumu’ah Prayer
Someone who catches the tashahhud of the Jumu’ah prayer, having missed both rak’ahs, should he pray four?

If people are in rukoo’, do you say two takbeers or just one?
If people are in rukoo’, do you say two takbeers or just one?

How to pray Maghrib behind an Imaam who is praying ‘Ishaa
You start behind the Imaam who is praying ‘Ishaa, but make the intention to pray Maghrib.

Praying behind a row alone
The ruling about someone who prays alone behind a row.

Praying behind an Imaam whose garments are below his ankles and who wears gold
The Imaam who shaves his beard, for example, or prays in trousers etc., then the sin on him, and nothing is on those who pray behind him.

Revive a Sunnah: Saying, ‘Sami’a-llaahu liman hamidah,’ in the Prayer at the right time
One form of dhikr has been squandered and another form of dhikr has been mistakenly added in its place.

Imaam forgets to read al-Faatihah and only remembers when in Rukoo’
He cancels the rukoo’ and stands up and reads al-Faatihah and then carries on with the prayer.

Walking to get to the sutrah
How far is a person who has some units of prayer to make up permitted to walk to get to his sutrah?

When does a person praying behind an Imaam start to give salaam?
One exits the prayer through the first salaam, the one to the left is a Sunnah.

Stay as you are—your Lord created you
Some people’s bodies stick out in Prayer, should they move back?

Is the Basmalah and the Isti’aadhah said between al-Faatihah and the Soorah after it?
When he starts his recitation from the middle of the Soorah or its end, then there is no Basmalah.

Finishing tashahhud and then remembering that only prostrated once
If someone finishes the tashahhud and then remembers that he only prostrated once, what should he do?

Salaah of a person who prays without a sutrah
The person who prays without a Sutrah, what is the ruling on his prayer?

Distance left in front of person who hasn’t taken a sutrah
What is the distance which a person walking in front of someone praying must leave?

When does one perform the prostrations of forgetfulness?
What is the most correct opinion regarding the prostrations of forgetfulness?

How to move your finger in tashahhud
You move it but you’re not supposed to raise and lower it such that it’s not pointing to the Qiblah.

Mistake of turning shoulders and chest when giving adhaan or during salaam
Facing the Qiblah during the adhaan is part of the perfection of the Sunnah of the adhaan.

Eating or prostrating on Arabic newspapers
Is it allowed to pray on a newspaper?

Entering the Mosque and adhaan being given
What to do if you enter the Mosque and the mu’addhin is giving the adhaan.

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