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Paradise & Hell

Are there people in Paradise or the Fire now?
Are there people who have now entered Paradise or people who have entered the Fire?

Breath of the people of the Fire
If there were a hundred (thousand) or more in this mosque, and in it was a man from the People of the Fire who took a breath...

Distancing from the Fire and entering into Paradise
O Messenger of Allaah!  Inform me of that which will distance me from the Fire and cause me to enter into Paradise.

Fathers whose children will intercede for them on the Day of Judgement
What kind of intercession is it that a child will do for his father when his father was someone who had given an Aqiqah  on behalf of that child?

First group of people to enter Paradise
The first group of people to enter Paradise will be the muhaajiroon.

Gates of Paradise and Hell
Paradise has eight gates and the Fire has seven gates.

How many pairs of scales will there be on the Day of Judgement?
“And We place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection”, so will the scales be a single pair or a number of scales?

Reward for lying upon the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم)
A house in the Fire is built for the one who lies upon the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

Angel Mika’eel and the end of his laughter
Mika’eel has never laughed since the Fire was created.

Seeking refuge from the Fire and asking for Paradise seven times a day
How a servant seeks refuge from the Fire and asks Allaah for Paradise every day.

‘’Toobaa for those who saw me…’’
‘Toobaa’ refers to all kinds of happiness and the name of a tree in Paradise whose width is a hundred years.

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