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Is a person who commits suicide a Kaafir?
Someone who holds suicide to be permissible, such a person will be in Hell forever and ever as is described in the hadeeth.

Is it allowed for a Muslim woman to kill herself for fear of being raped?
Some Muslim women have started to kill themselves and commit suicide when they come to know that the unbelievers are going to commit fornication with them, is that allowed?

Is it allowed to backbite someone who is defiantly disobedient
It is allowed to backbite someone who is defiantly disobedient in order to warn against him.

Is it okay to go out with the Tableeghee Jamaa’aah?
Their going out is not from the Sunnah.

Is it permissible to defame a companion of Bida’
Defamation is not backbiting regarding six types of people.

Issue of giving advice before spreading a refutation
In the case of a refutation, is it necessary before it being printed, that a copy is sent to the one being refuted so that they can look into it?

Legislated way of honouring the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم)
’Honouring the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in the legislated manner is done by believing in everything that has been authentically affirmed from him.

Loving the Messenger
‘O Aboo Umama! Indeed from the believers are those who soften (with love) their hearts towards me.’

Imaam Mahdee will not do more than the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) did
He is one of the revivers which Allaah sends at the head of every one hundred years, as is authentically reported.

Boycotting the Ahl-ul-Bida’
What is connected to boycotting the Mubtadee’ (person of Bida’)?

Meaning of ‘actions are only judged by intentions’
Explanation of the hadeeth: ‘Actions are only judged by intentions’.

Meaning of Sharee’ah
The Sharee’ah is all that is collected on that specific issue.

Miracle of a Prophet and a Walee
Is it possible that a Miracle of a Prophet can be a Karaamah of a Walee [An Ally of Allaah]?

New form of extremism, hizbiyyah, hatred and hostility
How correct is the statement that the present-day Islaamic groups apart from the Salafee Jamaa’aah are more harmful to Islaam than the Jews and the Christians?

Not being concerned with people of falsehood
Why are you distressed/concerned about these people? We have no power, my brother, why do you concern yourself with these people? They are numerous, the whole world is full of them, falsehood is like this.

Obligation of Hijrah
It is obligatory upon evey Muslim to make hijrah to a Muslim country.

On fanatical blind followers
And if a particular proof eluded your Imaam then it hasn’t eluded you, and through it, the proof has been established against you.

Praying behind someone who may reject some hadeeth
People who reject the hadeeths are in one of two states. They either reject the hadeeths as the second reference after the Noble Qur’aan … an absolute rejection of hadeeth, such people are not Muslims.

Propagating the books of the misguided sects
What is the ruling concerning propagating/spreading the books of the Ash’arees and other deviated sects?

Ruling on abandoning mosques which fall short in implementing Sunnahs
Boycotting a mosque because of the shortcomings of the Imaams of does not make it permissible for those keen on following the Sunnah to boycott those mosques unless...

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