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Fiqh Misc

Adding to the Salaam
Adding wa maghfiratuh in the response is allowed and starting (the salaam with it) is not allowed.

Designating a place for performing sacrifices
Is it permissible to authorise certain places in a community to be responsible for conducting (animal) sacrifices outside a specific land by taking the sacrifices of those people in that land to an outside place?

Did the Angels Harut and Marut teach Magic?
What is the explanation of the Aayah, ‘They followed what the devils gave out (falsely of the magic) in the lifetime of Sulaiman...

Etiquettes of shaking hands
If one of you enters the gathering then let him give the salaam, and if he leaves then let him give the salaam, as the first one is not more deserving (to be said) than the other one.

Giving Salaam when entering and leaving
Why does he not give salaam when he enters and leaves?

Male cutting his hair short or leaving it to grow
Many school students ask one another concerning the ruling on leaving one's hair to grow and shaving it off.

Permissible lying
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) allowed lying in three (situations): during war, in reconciling between people, and the speech of a man to his wife.

Ruling on buying in instalments
What is the religious ruling concerning buying in instalments?

Ruling on excavating the graves of Muslims or disbelievers
Is it permissible to excavate the graves of the Muslims and the graves of the disbelievers?

Ruling on Islaamic videos
What is the ruling on Islaamic videos?

Ruling on Masturbation
What is the ruling concerning masturbation?

Ruling on military coups
Is that which in present days is known as a "military coup" against the ruler, mentioned in the Religion or is it an innovation?

Ruling on nasheeds (hymns and songs)
What is the ruling on the nasheeds (songs)  that are circulating amongst many of the youth and which they call "Islaamic nasheeds?

Ruling on television today
What is the ruling on television today?

Selling publications with immoral pictures and falsehoods
Is it permissible for a bookstore to sell newspapers and magazines that have immoral pictures, false stories and praise for the hypocrites and evildoers in them?

Doubt: Scholars don’t know current events
Al-Albaanee, nor ibn Baaz or other than them know how to carry a weapon, but does this mean they do not know the rules of Jihaad???

Cutting the beard that is in excess of a fistful is from all directions not just the bottom
Regarding the amount [of the beard] that is to be cut, it is limited to what is more than a fistful?

Is it allowed to talk about worldly things in the mosque?
Is it allowed to talk about worldly things in-between the adhaan and the iqaamah in the mosque?

Trimming what is in excess of a fistful from the beard
The narrator of a hadeeth knows more about what he is narrating than others.

On letting beard grow in excess of fistful
Whatever is in excess of a fistful is haraam.

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