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Is fasting on Mondays and Thursdays better than fast of Daawood (عليه السلام)?
When someone fasts Mondays and Thursdays, is that better or the fast of Daawood?

Fast of ’Aashoora and responding to an invite?
When a Muslim invites you then you must respond to his invitation.

Whether long fasting hours should be shortened -1
How to fast in countries where the sun is hidden for half the year.

Whether long fasting hours should be shortened -2
The regulating principle is that: if they see daybreak [fajr] they stop eating, and when they see the sun setting, they eat, this is what is obligatory on them.

On the Hadeeth, “Fast and you will be healthy"
Is the hadeeth, ‘Fast and you will be healthy,’ authentic? If it isn’t how so?

On Fasting while travelling
The scholars have differed about fasting while on a journey in Ramadaan.

Making up previous Ramadhaan Fasts missed with valid excuse
You should begin making them up at the first opportunity that arises.

Fasting person should open his Fast, pray and then eat
The Fasting person should open his Fast with a few small bites, then get up to pray and then come back to eat without being excessive.

Accidentally drinking water while Fasting
A fasting person is rinsing his mouth out and accidentally drinks some of the water, what is the ruling on his fast?

Breaking an obligatory Fast on purpose
Does [extra] optional fasting help someone who has broken his [obligatory] fast intentionally, since there is no proof that breaking an obligatory fast can [actually] be made up for?

The wisdom behind Fasting
The only aim for the fasting person is not to refrain from eating, drinking and intercourse.

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