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Distributing Zakaat-ul-Fitr before its appointed time

Etiquettes of Shaking Hands

Male Cutting his Hair Short or Leaving it to Grow

Money from a Father That Deals With Interest

Permissible Lying

Ruling on Birth Control

Ruling on Buying in Instalments

Ruling on Excavating the Graves of Muslims or Disbelievers

Ruling on Islaamic Videos

Ruling on Masturbation

Cure from Magic and Evil Eye

Important to recite supplications through which refuge is sought

Wife helping her deceased husband

Helping your deceased parents

Missed Fasting when New Ramadaan Approaching

Pregnant for First Half of Ramadaan and Breast-Feeding for Other Half

Drinking, Eating and Sexual Intercourse out of Forgetfulness While Fasting

Increasing in recitation of Book of Allaah in Ramadaan

Adding to the Salaam

Designating a place for performing sacrifices

Did the Angels Harut and Marut teach Magic

Ruling on Military Coups

Selling Publications with Immoral Pictures and Falsehoods

Traveller,Travelling and its Conditions

Giving Salaam when entering and leaving

Not drinking from a cracked cup

Eating While Standing

Eating with Three Fingers

Combining Prayers at Work

Resident may combine prayers to avoid difficulties

Completing Sunnah Prayer if Iqaamah Given

Ishaa Prayer but Maghrib not Prayed Yet

Istikhaara Prayer

Place of Looking in Rukoo

Praying behind an Imaam who prays 23 Rakaah Taraaweeh

Prostrations of Forgetfulness

Pulling someone from the First Row back to Pray in the Second Row

Reciting the Adhaan and the Iqaamah when Praying Alone

Ruling on Holding a Second Congregational Prayer

Ruling on the One Who Abandons Prayer 1

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