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When the Devils wanted to burn the Prophet

The Watermelon Stand

People giving reminders after every four rak’ahs in Taraaweeh

The Ameerul-Mu’mineen in Hadeeth of this Era

Al-Isti’aadhah when quoting an Aayah

Refutation of The Story of the Cranes - Intro 1

Refutation of The Story of the Cranes - Intro 2

On Renewing 'Eemaan

On the Hadeeth, “Fast and you will be healthy"

On Fasting while travelling

Making up previous Ramadhaan Fasts missed with valid excuse

Fasting person should open his Fast, pray and then eat

Checking Hadeeths without mentioning which are authentic and weak

The Night Prayer in Ramadhaan

Accidentally drinking water while Fasting

Breaking an obligatory Fast on purpose

The wisdom behind Fasting

On marriage

Husband dealing with differences between mother and wife

The Best of the Madhabs of Fiqh

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