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Beginner students who try to tower over major scholars

Not being concerned with people of falsehood

Complacent on shirk while strong on al-Haakeemiyyah

Refutation of a doubt concerning the descent of Jesus

Itikaf of a woman better at home

Ahadeeth pertaining to taking oaths, vows and expiations

Passing hands over long hair whilst performing wudoo

Permissibility for pregnant woman who fears miscarriage to pray sitting

Finishing the Qur'aan in less than three days

Giving the salaam to the one praying

Giving the salaam to the one reciting the Qur'aan

Raising the hands and wiping the face in Qunoot

Obligation of Hijrah

Having taqwaa of Allaah

Marriage and Qadar

Women dancing and singing at weddings

Awrah of a woman in front of others

Remembering Allaah morning and evening

Ahadeeth regarding particular Aayaat of the Qur'aan

Al-Qadr & the Hadeeth that Allaah will take two Handfuls of people

Recommendation to break Fast with moist dates

Etiquette of visiting graves

Weak ahadeeth in Adab al-Mufrad of Imaam al-Bukhaaree

There is no Itikaaf except in the three mosques

When struck by a calamity

Gaining rewards

Du'aa after Wudoo

Celebrating the birthday of the Prophet

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