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Prayer of a person whose garments are below his ankles

People walking in front in Haram when busy

So woe to the one who killed him

Shee’ah lies

Question about two of the greatest, most eminent Companions

Not exceeding limit in one’s love for Companions

Scholars of my nation are like Prophets of Children of Israaeel

When my sutrah goes what should I do?

Praying in middle of mosque without sutrah

Advising pilgrims to cover their shoulders

Where to place shoes when taking them off for prayer

Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akbar

When are hands raised after having read tashahhud?

Seeking refuge with Allaah before reciting Faatihah in each rak’ah

Saying Aameen in the Prayer

Reciting Faatihah along with the Imaam

Merit of filling gaps in rows for Prayer

‘’Toobaa for those who saw me…’’

Trimming what is in excess of a fistful from the beard

Reading Witr after Fajr

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