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Is Allaah everywhere?
The Shaykh’s (رَحِمَهُ اللهُ) conversation with a hitchhiker about the topic of Allaah’s Ascendancy over the Throne.

Is Du’aa obligatory [waajib]?
There are some supplications which are obligatory on certain [specific] occasions.

Is there a difference between Kufr [disbelief] and Shirk [Polytheism]?
All kufr is shirk and all shirk is kufr.

Kursi of Allaah
The Kursi of Allaah is an independent, physical entity and not something abstract.

leaving Shirk even if it is in wording
From obligatory behaviour with Allaah is leaving Shirk even if it is in wording.

Loving Allaah and Gaining His Love
It is not possible for anyone to rise the station of loving Allaah and His Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) except by Tawheed.

Magic and Fortune Tellers and Omens
'Whoever performs magic is not from us, (or has magic done for him), or performs fortune telling or has his fortune told for him, or believes in omens or has an omen done for him.

Making a vow for other than Allaah
‘There are two types of vows, firstly, that which was for Allaah, so its expiation is fulfilling it. Secondly that which was for Shaytaan  then there is no fulfilment of that but the expiation is the penalty of the unfulfilled vow.’

Marriage and Qadar
Is marriage something allotted, or is it a choice?

Misguided saying that Allaah is everywhere
Many aayahs and hadeeths clarify that Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, is above all of His Creation.

Most beloved names
The most beloved of names to Allaah are ‘Abdullaah and ‘Abdurrahmaan.

Are Allaah’s Attributes limited?
As for His Attributes, the Most High, none of them have a confined limit.

No obedience to the created if it means disobedience to the Creator
“There is no obedience to mankind in disobedience to Allaah, indeed obedience is in goodness.’’

Not solely relying upon acts of obedience
“If Allaah were to seize me – and Jesus – for our sins He would punish us, and He would not have oppressed us at all.”

On oaths
The one who prefers taking an oath by someone apart from Allaah over taking an oath by Allaah has made him a partner with Allaah.

Perishing of the Fire
There are two Fires, one for the disbelievers and another in which the disobedient Muslim sinners [faasiqs] are punished.

Prompting a dying person to say the Shahahdah
The legislation of prompting the dying person to say the testification of Tawheed, hoping that he will say it and become successful.

Proper Belief in al-Qadar
And you cannot will unless (it be) that Allaah, Lord of the worlds, wills.

Question about some sentences connected to Creed
There are some sentences or phrases which many people have fallen into saying which oppose the correct Creed.

Inheritance of Paradise
There is a price for entering Paradise and that entering it does not happen by feeling safe (from the plan of Allaah).

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